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E-Type Bolt Kit - IRS Mounting

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Jaguar E-Type - Series 1, 1.5, & 2 (and I'm pretty sure Series 3 as well...) - IRS Metalastik Cage Mounts Bolt Kit

This package contains everything you need to install your IRS Cage into your E-Type. - when shells are restored here in our shop, we are constantly looking for the correct bolts to attach the Metalastik IRS mounts to the body shell, because this is where we mount the shells into the rotisserie. After finally finding the correct thing, we are now offering a kit for you to assemble the rear end into the car. These are gold-zinc and black-anodized bolts - we use these on all E-Types. These are GRADE 8, and MADE IN THE USA - with 6 lines on the bolt heads (you always add 2 to determine the grade...), NOT Grade 5 like the other various bolt kits out there - they are SUPER STRONG!

This package includes ALL 60 PIECES shown in photo #1 - 8 long bolts, 12 short bolts, 16 flat washers, and 24 nylon lock nuts. All bolts and nuts are the correct original specification fine thread.

The kit includes the bolts necessary to bolt the IRS Metalastik cage mounts to the chassis legs of the body shell, AND the bolts needed to bolt the same Metalastik mounts to the IRS cage itself. There are 4 groups of bolts shown in the top portion of the photo - each group is a complete set of bolts for one Metalastik mount. The row along the bottom of the photo shows 4 smaller bolts that are used to attach the forward end of the radius arm safety strap to the floors.

NOTE! - this kit does NOT include the large bolt for attaching the forward end of the radius arm to the radius arm cup. This is a special bolt that is drilled for a safety wire, and you should re-use your original.

Take a look at our E-Type MASTER KIT - over 4kg of Grade 8 Hardware for an incredible price!

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